Learn to fly light sport aircraft with us! The perfect place to learn to fly or simply to spend a fun filled day with your family.

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The Light Flight School

Flying Training

Light Flight offers full-time training with your instructor Geoff Dyer who will help you to get your National Pilots Licence. The aircraft used are the:

  1. Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat light sport aircraft
  2. Sling

We also have access to a wide range of other aircraft. For anyone wishing to experience the dream of flight, whether on a 3-axis A-22 Foxbat, WHICH OUT PERFORMS THE C150, or Sling 2 - then look no further than Light Flight School.

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Flying Training Hourly Rates

The following rates currently apply for fixed wing, aircraft hire & training flights.

School Trike R950.00 p/hr Demo Trike (15 mins) R410.00
Own Trike R540.00 p/hr Demo Trike (30 mins) R600.00
Hire Trike R830.00 p/hr Demo Fixed-wing (30 mins) R800.00
School Fixed-wing Instruction R1250.00 p/hr Own Fixed-wing Instruction R540.00 p/hr
Hire Fixed-wing R1080.00 Sling Conversion R1550.00 p/hr
Sling Demo (30 mins) R1000.00 Sling Hire R1300.00 p/hr
Trike Hangarage R850.00 pm Fixed-wing Hangarage R1300.00 pm



Light Sport Planes have fast become a vibrant and energetic form of flight.

Microlighting has come a long way since the late 1970's when simple undercarriages were added to hang glider wings. These single seater aircraft did not require licensing until 1984 when the Department of Civil Aviation noticed the Microlight. Shortly after, in 1987, Geoff Dyer moved down from Botswana to Durban with the aim of setting up a Microlight training school.

Geoff based himself at Cato Ridge Airfield and in 1988 was awarded Air Services Licence G205D. It was at this stage that Geoff had the only full-time Microlight School in KwaZulu Natal. In 1990, a 200 acre farm on the Georgedale Road in Cato Ridge, just off the highway between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, was discovered, purchased and transformed into a permanent base for a Microlight Flying School. Light Flight was born.

Light Flight Farm

Light Flight Farm was purchased in 1991, primarily as a base for Light Flight Flying School and Light Flight Flying Services. The farm is 200 acres in extent, consisting mainly of grasslands. There are 2 registered springs and a stream with indigenous trees. There are resident small antelope such as Grey Duiker and Oribi with occasional sightings of Bushbuck and Reedbuck.


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NOTE: Anyone flying from or landing at Light Flight from other airfields does so at their own risk