Learn to fly light sport planes or microlight aircraft with us! Learn to fly microlight aircraft with us or just join us for an adrenalin filled fun flight. The perfect place to learn to fly or simply to spend a fun filled day with your family.

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Learn to fly light sport planes or microlights with us!

For anybody who has ever yearned to fly, there is no better experience than that of fun flying. With proper training on today’s modern reliable aircraft, we can fulfill your dream of flying like a bird. Light Flight microlight and light sport plane flying services is one of the oldest established Microlight operations in Kwazulu Natal - South Africa.

Since 1988 we have been offering full time professional training. Light Flight School offers ab initio training for those who have never flown, conversions to most types of microlights and light sport planes, Instructor courses, advanced flying courses, game management and aerial photography. Our aircraft are an excellent platform for photography.

Light Flight Farm - NOT SOLD!

Yes - you read that correctly - for the full story on what has transpired since the Mr Price offer was made - you can download the full story now in this PDF.

Learning to fly is FUN!

Light Flight does both advanced light sport 3-axis instructor courses as well as weight shift microlight trike instructor training.

Light Flight has two 'A' grade instructors and one 'C' grade instructors (see our instructors page for further information) who between them have over 10 000 hours of flying experience.

Our training aircraft are the Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbats, a full-house LSA Sling and we also have an Aquilla 582E microlight. We have access to a wide range of other weight shift controlled microlights, conventional controlled microlights and light sport planes.

Take advantage of the perfect flying weather in Kwazulu Natal South Africa & learn to fly today!

Contact details for our team

Geoff Dyer - +27 82 331 1104 - geoff@lightflight.co.za

The super-sexy SLING from the airplanefactory.co.za

The super-sexy SLING from the airplanefactory.co.za


Joy rides in a microlight or a light sport plane

Come and experience the joy of a flip in a microlight. We offer the following options in microlight flips:

  • Short 15 minute flips around the Cato ridge area.
  • Half hour flights over the Tala game ranch.
  • One hour flights over the Valley of 1000 Hills.

In Light sport planes we have the following offers:

  • Short 15 minute flips around the Cato ridge area.
  • 30 min flights over the Tala game ranch.
  • 1 hour flights to the north or south coasts.
  • 1.5 hour flights to the Drakensberg over Sani Pass.
  • 3 hour flights down to the Wild Coast.

Begin your "learn to fly" adventure today!

So - whether you are looking to learn to fly a light sport plane or if learning to fly a microlight aircraft is for you, get in touch with us at Light Flight School and let us get you started on this exciting journey as you take to the skies.

Light Flight GPS Coordinates - S 29º 46' 03, E 30º 35' 10

Aerial photos of the extended runway at Light Flight

(credit to photographer, Steve McCurrach of Airserv)

Aerial photos of the extended runway at Light Flight

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NOTE: Anyone flying from or landing at Light Flight from other airfields does so at their own risk